Zellabox micro data centers and Edge Intelligence deliver centralized management and access to terabytes of data collected and analyzed close to its source and housed in a secure and intelligent facility. Gartner, Inc. forecasts that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016, and will reach 20.4 billion by 2020. The need for real-time insights and localized action, location challenges, network constraints, and volume and velocity of data generated from sensors and endpoints is forcing IT leaders to deploy edge computing solutions in order to process data closer to the source of generation. The anticipated volume of data is so large and the population of devices so distributed that the connectivity, latency and bandwidth limitations of the internet make it impractical to ship all of the device data to a central location or the cloud.

The only solution is for device data to be collected and processed as close to the source of the data as possible . This would require multiple autonomous and distributed databases (micro data centers), each handling huge data volumes and delivering data directly to applications or making it available for analytics in near-real time. Highly secure and intelligent Zellabox micro data centers incorporating Edge Intelligence’ enterprise software with a proven and patented technology solution supporting the fast, secure access to a network of edge data stores.


The Zellabox solution incorporates the Xerus Technology Platform designed exclusively by Raritan engineers. The Xerus Technology Platform delivers unparalleled security across the entire Zellabox infrastructure with the latest network security protocols, advanced data encryption methods, strong password policies and login protection.

The integration of the Raritan products ensures the Zellabox meets enterprise-level IT security requirements and protects against breaches and stay ahead of potential threats. You can secure and encrypt any and all device communications and control user access to guard against errors and malicious intents.


Every Zellabox incorporates the award winning PowerIQ DCIM monitoring software, which allows close monitoring and efficient utilization of the micro data centre’s power infrastructure. The Zellabox DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software gives the Zellabox micro data center the ability to monitor power and environmental conditions within the Zellabox. It helps Zellabox mitigate the risk of downtime by offering real-time alerts as well as, conserve energy by allowing the Zellabox to charge back for true energy costs and pursue energy efficiency initiatives.

Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring Software (Sunbird) enables data center and facility managers to closely monitor and efficiently utilize their existing data center power infrastructure. Data center health maps, power analytics, cooling charts, and reports can alert you to potential trouble, and help you to understand real-time power load, trends, and capacity at all levels of infrastructure. A configurable dashboard provides vendor agnostic views of power capacity, environmental health, and energy consumption.


Micro datacenter infrastructure must endure the tests of time. Zellabox achieves this through design, quality and the integration of proven and tested products from specifically chosen partners and suppliers. Raritan, in particular believes that critical power components must deliver rock-solid reliability, which is why rack PDUs should be designed with the future in mind. No component in an intelligent rack PDU is more important to reliability and longevity than the onboard computer built into every unit. Zellabox integrates the Raritan iX7, which is the most advanced PDU controller ever built. It delivers a future-proof design, with much more computing power; higher efficiency processors; a host of extra ports; and standard Gigabit Ethernet – delivering the longest technology life-expectancy of any intelligent PDU. (Raritan)

iX7 is powered by Xerus, Raritan’s open technology platform. With Xerus, interoperability is guaranteed: the data provided by your PDU’s can be accessed through different interfaces or third-party DCIM. Xerus also provides an advanced user interface that adapts to your desktop, tablet, or phone. (Raritan)

Zellabox can be pre-installed with your choice of high-performance and energy efficient servers, networking and other industry standard hardware – racked, cabled and tested in the factory. As your demand grows, additional units are simply added – in a pre-configured way, with no fuss.


Zellabox’s Cubb and CubbDuo solutions are engineered and built from the ground up to withstand extreme, remote locations. It offers a sealed environment which is resilient against extreme heat, extreme humidity and is able to withstand catastrophic infrastructure failures such as rain, dust, fire and in certain cases, even the collapse of a building.

The main benefits:

  • Allows you to operate your IT infrastructure at any location, irrespective of environmental factors.
  • Ability to build an IT infrastructure at locations which were previously impossible to build.
  • Allows you to run your IT infrastructure when catastrophic events happen.


Zellabox’s Cubb™ and CubbDuo™  are engineered and built from the ground up with ruggedness and portability as a core offering.   The Cubb family of Zellabox Modular Micro Data Centers are specially designed for the challenges of operating complex IT infrastructure in remote locations.

The Zellabox Remote Location Solutions offer you:

  • Ruggedness: Zellabox's Cubb and CubbDuo solutions are engineered from the ground up to withstand extreme heat, extreme humidity, catastrophic infrastructure failures such as rain, sand, fire and in certain cases, even the collapse of a building.
  • Pre-configuration and pre-commissioning:  The ability to pre-configure and pre-commission your IT infrastructure at the build-stage in manufacturing so that you can deploy your Zellabox in a plug-and-play manner without having the need for high-level on-site technical skills.
  • Remote Management: Zellabox offers remote management solutions that allows you closely manage your IT infrastructure's operating environment, including temperature, power consumption, physical security access and other vital data.
  • Access & Security Solutions:  Zellabox allows for on and off-premises security monitoring by managing physical access to your IT infrastructure as well as providing visual secure reconnaissance through real-time cameras.
  • Simplicity:  All you need is power to run your Zellabox.  Location becomes irrelevant.


We do not believe that one-size-fits-all therefore the Zellabox Cubb, CubbDuo and Hero are available in over 50 configurations to specifically meet your company’s requirements. With over 8 years experience deploying Zellaboxes into numerous regions and environments around the world we understand the challenges associated with on-site IT infrastructure. The Zellabox micro data centre can be configured to fit what you need to meet the challenges faced storing and managing data and the infrastructure needed to house the data at the edge or at remote unmanned sites.