what we can do for you

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to working with our customers. At Zellabox, we work closely with you and believe in tailoring a solution to meet your business or organisation’s unique requirements:

  • We offer a variety of maintenance and service options and can customise these to suit a wide range of environments.

  • We can structure Service Level Agreements to meet your organisation’s requirements.

  • We make recommendations according to your environmental considerations and location.


We recommend that periodic maintenance and inspection by a qualified technician be undertaken to ensure a stable operating environment for your sensitive equipment, and to eliminate the possibility of down time.

Our maintenance agreement/contract is a comprehensive document outlining a detailed maintenance program for the unit/s in your geographic area. The following areas are covered in detail in the agreement:

  • Agreement term
  • Maintenance schedule: tailored to your environment
  • Emergency call out
  • Remote monitoring alarm procedures:
    • Type of notification system (e-mail / SMS )
    • First point of contact in response to the alarm
    • Technician response process
    • Identification of the problem
    • Reporting

The maintenance agreement offers you an "ongoing peace of mind" for your server environment.

Contact us to learn more about our maintenance programme.