When connecting to the cloud your cloud access node, where your connectivity and networking infrastructure resides, suddenly takes on added importance. The node has to meet the same service level agreements (SLAs) that your cloud providers and colocation providers promise. Therefore, if your connection to the cloud isn’t performing as it should, or fails entirely, employees won’t be able to access the tools they need and productivity will naturally suffer.

Zellabox's Cubb and CubbDuo solutions are perfect for ensuring that your on-premise IT Infrastructure is safe, reliable and matches colocation and data center service level agreements. 

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Adopting The Hybrid Cloud: What Every CIO Must Know To Achieve A Stable And Secure Local Environment. 

This paper provides an overview of the challenges every CIO and IT manager will encounter when considering implementing a private cloud strategy. In particular, the critical issue of how to securely house the on-site IT equipment to ensure full security and continuance with reduced energy consumption and operating costs without the need for a high cost server room.

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